Get rid of thighs and belly fat

  • Replace breakfast with the shake
  • One Fiber tablet to improve digestion
  • One cup a day of Fat Burning Tea
  • Also get a free shaker with it

  • Package contains: One month supply + Shake for two weeks

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The complete package
This package contains the following products: Meal replacement shake (flavor of your choice), Pu-Erh Fat Burning Tea and Fiber Complex to support weight management and slimming. Our shaker is included for free! Click on the different product names to see their related information.

How does it work?
Pu-Erh Tea: Take 2 to 3 cups of Pu-Erh Tea a day to support fat burning.

Fiber Complex: Take one tablet a day during a meal with water. It supports natural bowel movement and can contribute to weight management and slimming.

Meal Replacement Shake: Replace your breakfast and/ or lunch with this delicious shake. Flavor of your choice.

Say yes to cardio
And yes, cardio workouts help you lose weight like none other! If you start a new cardio regimen, you can see results quickly. Yes, you need strength training to maintain a healthy metabolism, but if you’re pushing yourself to a moderate to high intensity of cardio, you’ll burn calories and fat effectively during each and every cardio workout. Perfect to combine with the use of our Fat Burning Complete package.

Important to know
Please take a look at the ingredient list per product for specific allergen information.



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How to use

Servings per packet

Have 1 to 2 cups of tea every day between meals. One meal replacement shake a day for two weeks. Fibres complex lasts for a month.

How can I best conserve it?

Always store the products in the original packaging, below 25 degrees, out of the sun and out of reach of children. The expiration date can be found at the bottom of the package. Keep it dry and close well after use.

Best to mix with?

You can mix the tea with warm or cold water. The shake with milk or water. 

Ingredients & nutrition

See here below the informations regarding the PU-ERH Tea. For the other products see the related product pages.

Average nutritional values 100 g of tea
Energy 1620 kj
kcal 381 kcal
Fat 0.25g
of which saturated fatty acids 0.03g
Carbohydrates 94g
of which sugars
Protein 0.7g
Salt 0g


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